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Magnetic B P Ring

Ideal for B P  Based on Magnetic Therapy Rs.450/-   ..

450.00Rs Ex Tax: 450.00Rs

Magnetic Bracelet

Improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and an overall sense of well being are just some of t..

450.00Rs Ex Tax: 450.00Rs

Bio Magnetic Bracelet -Free Gift Bio Energy Card

Bio Magnetic Bracelet Free Gift- Bio Energy Card Alternative  therapists claim that ..

2,100.00Rs Ex Tax: 2,100.00Rs

Magnetic Necklace (Mala)

Magnetic Necklace for Bp, chest pain, asthama  Made from High quality magnets Bas..

450.00Rs Ex Tax: 450.00Rs

Magnetic Spectacles

Magnetic therapy instrument for eye problem  Wear it for 15 to 30 minutes twice a da..

160.00Rs Ex Tax: 160.00Rs

Magnetic Head Belt

Magnetic Head Belt Magnetic therapy instrument for headache Wear it for 1 to 2 hours t..

250.00Rs Ex Tax: 250.00Rs

Magnetic Water Stand

Magnetic Water Stand:- Useful in preparing magnetic water, Simply put a glass or plastic bott..

450.00Rs Ex Tax: 450.00Rs

Acupressure Magnetic steel & Brass Jimmy

Acupressure Magnetic Steel & Brass Jimmy    Quantity- 1 Size- 3.5 inches ..

250.00Rs Ex Tax: 250.00Rs

Lensatic Magnetic Compass

Lensatic Compass :  Features:- Magnifying viewer  Ideal for locating directio..

290.00Rs Ex Tax: 290.00Rs