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Ek Mukhi (One Face) Rudraksha

One Face Rudraksha -Half Moon Shape  Ruling Planet-Sun  One face rudraksha is..

2,100.00₹ Ex Tax: 2,100.00₹

Two Face (Do mukhi) Rudraksha for Harmony

Two Face (Do mukhi) Rudraksha for Harmony  wo Rudraksha  Ruling Planet: Moon&..

150.00₹ Ex Tax: 150.00₹

Three Face (Teen Mukhi) Rudraksha

Three Face (Teen Mukhi) Rudraksha  Three Face Rudraksha  Ruling Planet: Mars&..

450.00₹ Ex Tax: 450.00₹

Four Face (Char Mukhi) Rudraksha

Four Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha  Ruling Planet: Mercury  This bead represents Lor..

150.00₹ Ex Tax: 150.00₹

Five Face (Paanch Mukhi) Rudraksha

Five Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha  Ruling Planet: Jupiter  This bead represents lor..

150.00₹ Ex Tax: 150.00₹

Six Face (Cheh Mukhi ) Rudraksha

Six Face Rudraksha ( For will power) Ruling Planet: Mars Six mukhi rudraksha is t..

150.00₹ Ex Tax: 150.00₹

Seven Face (Saat Mukhi) Rudraksha- Mahalakshami Rudraksha

Seven Face (Saat mukhi) Rudraksha for Financial Luck   This bead represents goddess Mah..

950.00₹ Ex Tax: 950.00₹

Eight Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Eight Face Rudraksha  Ruling Planet:- Rahu  This bead represents Lord Ganesha..

2,100.00₹ Ex Tax: 2,100.00₹

Nine Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Four Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha  Ruling Planet: Mercury  This bead represents Lor..

2,700.00₹ Ex Tax: 2,700.00₹

Ten Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Ten Face(Mukhi) Rudraksha  Ruling Planet:- No ruling planet  This bead ..

6,500.00₹ Ex Tax: 6,500.00₹

Eleven Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Eleven Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha  Ruling Planet:- No ruling planet  This b..

7,500.00₹ Ex Tax: 7,500.00₹

Tweleve Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Twelve Face-Mukhi Rudraksha  Ruling Planet:-Sun  Twelve Mukhi rudraksha showe..

9,500.00₹ Ex Tax: 9,500.00₹

Thirteen Face Rudraksha- Best Quality

13 Face (Thirteen Face) rudraksha is the form of lord indra. It is believed that the person who w..

7,500.00₹ Ex Tax: 7,500.00₹

Gaurishankar Rudraksha

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha Two naturally joined Rudraksha called Gauri Shankar is regarded as t..

4,500.00₹ Ex Tax: 4,500.00₹

Ganesh Mukhi Rudraksha

Ganesh Mukhi Rudraksha  Ganesh Rudraksha bears a Trunk like elevation as is seen on t..

450.00₹ Ex Tax: 450.00₹

Rudraksha Japa Mala- 108 beads-Premium

Rudraksha Mala 8mm  Genuine rudraksha mala having bead of 5 face rudraksha. Total 108 b..

650.00₹ Ex Tax: 650.00₹