Special Pyramids

Special Pyramids

Special Pyramids

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Pyron -Grey- Children In Stock

Pyron -Grey- Children

Pyron- Grey-Children It represent and supports child's joy, health, creativity and knowledge ..

650.00Rs Ex Tax: 650.00Rs

Pyron -Green- Family relationship In Stock

Pyron -Green- Family relationship

Pyron- Green-Family realtionship It represent elders, ancestors, family , health and well bei..

650.00Rs Ex Tax: 650.00Rs

Pyron -Pink-Love In Stock

Pyron -Pink-Love

Pyron- Pink-Love It represent and supports relationship, love and harmony Place it near t..

650.00Rs Ex Tax: 650.00Rs

Pyron Brown-Education In Stock

Pyron Brown-Education

Pyron- Brown-Education It represent and supports education of child Place it near the &nb..

650.00Rs Ex Tax: 650.00Rs

Car Pyramid- Protection Tool

Car Pyramid- Protection Tool It is essential to make vehicle in harmony with you by fixing 'P..

945.00Rs Ex Tax: 945.00Rs

Medicine 9x 9 (Medicine charging)

Medicine 9x 9 Simply place your daily medicines inside for  spiritual help Very effe..

360.00Rs Ex Tax: 360.00Rs

Fortune Pyramid Chip- 2 pcs

To attract luck, fix on important files,books, lockers, computers etc.   ..

360.00Rs Ex Tax: 360.00Rs

Energy 9 x 9 -Pyramid Energy

This special Energy 9x9 energy enhancer improves the flow of energy in your home & brings goo..

465.00Rs Ex Tax: 465.00Rs

Reiki Pyramid- Reiki Energy

Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt has designed this new revolutionary Reiki pyramid to overcome such difficul..

960.00Rs Ex Tax: 960.00Rs

Wish Pyramid-Advance

  Wish Pyramid - Advance(your personal wish machine) A hugely successful Wish 9x9 ma..

960.00Rs Ex Tax: 960.00Rs

Marraige Pyramid(attract you soul mate)

A person who wants to marry, always wishes for the best life partner. So Marriage Pyramid is your..

1,080.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,080.00Rs

Harmony Pyramid

Harmony Pyramid(for inter-personal and environmental harmoney) Harmony 9x9 is a unique device..

1,000.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,000.00Rs

Education Pyramid- for Academic success

  Education Pyramid(power of pyramid for students success) Education Pyramid is usef..

1,155.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,155.00Rs

Pyra Shubh Labh

Use eternal symbol of good-luck, fame, wealth to increase sales, income & profit. Simpl..

285.00Rs Ex Tax: 285.00Rs

PyraVastu Swastik - GOLD

  PyraVastu Swastik - GOLD This unique swastik is an auspicious symbol of fortune &a..

1,020.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,020.00Rs