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Crystal Pyramids

Crystal Pyramids

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Crystal Quartz Pyramid 2"

Clear quartz crystal is the universal stone.  Crystal receives, activates, stores, tran..

730.00Rs Ex Tax: 730.00Rs

Brown Jasper Pyramid -Reduce travelling stress

Brown Jasper Pyramid- for coping with daily travel stress Travelling by car, train or bus to..

475.00Rs Ex Tax: 475.00Rs

Crystal Quartz Pyramid 1"

Clear quartz crystal is the universal stone.  Crystal receives, activates, stores, tran..

450.00Rs Ex Tax: 450.00Rs

Financial vastu Pyramid-Yellow Jasper Pyramid Size 4 Inches

  Yellow Jasper  Pyramid Size- 4 inches apxm   Yellow Jasper Pyra..

2,500.00Rs Ex Tax: 2,500.00Rs

Photo Healing Pyramid

  Photo Healing Pyramid  Size- 1.5  inches apxm with Square base Made ..

750.00Rs Ex Tax: 750.00Rs

Red Jasper Pyramid - A fire Stone

  Red Jasper Pyramid Size- 2 inches apxm Price Rs.750/- Red jasper is known ..

1,150.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,150.00Rs

Relationship Pyramid-Rose Quartz Pyramid- Size 2 Inches

Rose Quartz is the most powerful for dealing with affairs of the heart. It opens up the heart for..

850.00Rs Ex Tax: 850.00Rs

Amethyst Pyramid for memory & concentration-2"

Amethyst Pyramid size -2" Apxm Free Gift- Shubham Pyramid Use Amethyst if you want to..

800.00Rs Ex Tax: 800.00Rs

Dalmatian Pyramid 2" @ 500/- only (MRP Rs.750/-)

Dalmatian Pyramid 2” Dalmatian stone  helps to move you forward in life with planning&nb..

850.00Rs Ex Tax: 850.00Rs

Green Aventurine Pyramid

Green Aventurine is like the good luck shamrock of the mineral kingdom.  Green aventuri..

900.00Rs Ex Tax: 900.00Rs

New Navagraha Pyramid with Crystal Base- Nine Planet Pyramid

Crystal Navagraha Pyramid- Nine Planet Pyramid  Combination of 9 planets is an ideal to..

850.00Rs Ex Tax: 850.00Rs

Five Element Crystal With Symbol- Vastu correction Pyramid

Apex of the pyramid acts as an antenna & harnesses a cosmic energy. A pyramid having closed o..

1,500.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,500.00Rs